Setting Goals

Because each search is unique, it is imperative we learn about your needs and the requirements of the position, become familiar with your company, its corporate culture, and existing or anticipated corporate needs, out of this assessment, we work with you to jointly develop selection criteria.


Recruitment and selection of the best candidate is a collaborative effort. We believe that successful recruitment must be highly interactive – we place tremendous emphasis on communications with our clients. By keeping you and the candidate informed each step of the way, we can ensure that select candidates are attracted to join your team.


Effective follow-up is vital. We always follow up with the client and the candidate to assess the outcome of the interview, determine continued interest and answer any questions.

Candidate Identification & Presentation

The Stewart Group has a significant database, extensive industry contacts and research capabilities, as well as an international network of search affiliates which allow us to efficiently and effectively search for the best candidate to meet your needs. We carefully evaluate each candidate against the criteria developed; conduct interviews; make assessments; present a select list of qualified candidates; and coordinate candidate interviews. For each candidate we can provide a brief profile which is effectively a "snapshot" of the candidate.

Candidate Retention

One of the keys to the success of The Stewart Group is the retention of our candidates once placed in a new position with a client. We make every effort to learn our client's culture. In so doing, our retention record has been exemplary regarding candidates. The long term and growth-oriented relationships that we establish between our clients and selected candidates is the BEST measure of our success.